Update 1.1.1

Yes you didn't read wrong, update 1.2.0 got renamed to 1.1.1, but worry not! Despite sounding less important, this update brings the things promised for 1.2.0, I just thought of naming it as a very minor update would make more sense since there's little new things(its most about working on this people gave feedback on, and some minor bug fixes)



-New $gameMap.eventServerId(id) function that returns an event with a given server ID(Tutorial on it will be done soon TM)

-New Tutorials for Tower Defense and VS Twitch Maps

-CRT Mode changed from being default ON to default OFF(can be turned on/off in options)

-Enemies in tower defense now can walk through one another

-New Tower Defense 2 Map(with different layout and song playing)

Tower Defense:

-Sentry now does 50*sentrylevel damage(increased from 34*sentrylevel)

-New buildings: Explosive and Balloon

-Certain explosion sounds now have positioning(you won't hear them from far away)

-The explosion animation is now cached, which should help with FPS when there's lots going on the screen

-Player no longer changes to a random character once pressing the lever on Tower Defense


-New moveObject(id,x,y) and getObjectInfo(id) functions(Tutorial on it will be done soon TM)


-Fixed red dot on the top right showing on twitch and tower defenses

-Fixed bank(in tower defense) not having an animation


RPGmod - Windows.zip 158 MB
Feb 03, 2022
RPGmod - Linux.zip 212 MB
Feb 03, 2022
Server - Interface.zip 127 MB
Feb 03, 2022
Server - Scripts Only.zip 46 kB
Feb 03, 2022

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