Progress on 1.2.0 update

Hello everyone!

As those of you who recently got the game noticed, its last update(1.1.0) was.. a little raw. I was excited to release something after a long while without updates and ended up not polishing it as much as I should have. With 1.2.0 I intend to change that, and work on things based on the feed back given on reddit, so here's what to expect:

-New tutorials for the maps in offline mode(optional)

-Fixed/changed CRT Mode being on by default(was an oopsie on my part)

-Buffed damage for sentries in the tower defense

-New functions that should make creating custom maps and custom scripts easier

-New documentation/tutorials on how to make a server and get it listen for everyone(should be posted around the same time the update comes out, hopefully before the weekend)

and other QoL changes :D

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