1.1.0 Update is out!

Its finally here! Sorry it took a while to publish a new update since the last one, but college and other personal things have gotten in the way(I'm working on this game all by myself). 

This is probably a very interesting update for most of you tho! It adds an offline mode, that just like multiplayer allows for custom maps to be played... but offline! There's been some changes on the visual, bug fixes, improvements, two new maps(for the offline option, so it wasn't too empty xP),etc. Oh and, obviously, a name change! Bye RPG Battle Royal, hello RPGmod! Check out:


-Screen now flashes red when the player takes damage.

-New Offline option.

-New Tower deffense map(for offline).

-New Twitch Map(for Offline).

-New Custom Offline Map load option added under the "Offline" menu.

-New Musics and sound effects added

-New CRT Mode option added to the settings.

-New Server List Menu.

-Graphics updated.

-NW.js updated.


-Multiple Microoptimizations to core scripts on the client and HUD.

-Microoptimizations on the server script.


-Fixed audio issue that would occur when too many footsteps were playing at once(now limited to 50/s).

-Fixed a memory leak, caused by event spawned not having its sprites properly removed from memory.

-Fixed gold being visually set to 0 upon transfer.

-Fixed issue where certain menu options weren't being saved properly.


RPGmod - Windows 152 MB
Jan 27, 2022
RPGmod - Linux 206 MB
Jan 27, 2022
Server scripts + Interface 127 MB
Jan 27, 2022
Server Scripts 46 kB
Jan 27, 2022

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