1.1.0 Development log

Heres a small update on... well, the state of the next update!

So far, I've gotten only a handful of things changed/introduced. Besides a fix to a memory leak in the engine itself and a handful of micro optimizations, the next update will have a pretty big chance: OFFLine mode!

Offline mode will work very similarly to the online one: you can load a default map or a custom made one, but with 0 need for a server or other players to join! This will allow for many different new possibilities for maps, and remove the need of having servers for the game to be fun.

The first offline map is a tower defense, which is close to being done. After finished, I'll start working on a new map, which will have Twitch Integration! That map will be like a survival, where viewers can spawn enemies through commands in chat, gamble, etc while the streamer needs to gather resources, weapons and survive!

For now, those two are the only planned maps for the next update. Once they're added and properly tested, the update will be uploaded and anyone who has bought the game will be able to download it for free. This update also contains new sound effects and musics!

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