1.0.0 Update!

Finally, a new update! And a big one at that!

With this HUGE update, the game finally  is outside of beta. This means, its far more stable, and contains far more content than before(You'll see in the changelog below). Being out of beta doesn't mean no more updates tho, this is just the first big one that makes me comfortable enough to call this a decent enough game that people could be interested in buying. New game modes got added, new content, many optimizations and changes, and with more to come already planned!

If you get a copy, please remember to give me a review on the game. I wish this to be an ever evolving project, that not only will help me learn more about game making, but also make people have fun!


-New server tick system(default being 30, max 1000).

-New max afk time setting for servers.

-Two new maps and game modes: Free for All and Zombies.

-New building: Sentry. It shoots arrows on 4 directions.

-Default BR Map slightly tweaked

-Server script updated to be easier for custom scripting. Now you can make a new file called "custom.js", place it in the same folder as the server scripts and add custom scripts to your server on it! The server by default will respond to 4 main functions called on_start(runs when the server starts), on_tick(runs on every server tick), on_message(runs every time the server receives any message, receiving "msg" and "connection" as input), on_close(runs whenever a connection closes, receives "connection" and "message" as parameter, the later being useful for error detection), but you can write code outside those aswell.

-Both Default map and the free for all contain coconuts in the ground that restore health.

-New Melee weapon: Sword.

-New script files to run the server using purely node.js

-New indication to where the buildings are going to spawn when using the building tool.

-Added TTS Chat option.

-The player and event(in custom map) limit per server has been raised from 100 to 1000(Thanks to all performance optimizations on both client and server).

-New animations and sound effects added.

-New UI that shows kills, name and ID(default key: TAB).

-Client now shows how fast you're downloading a custom map.

-Now if the player isn't running, they won't make footstep noises anymore.

-Minimap now displays a red dot indicating player position on the map.

-Removed the patreon button.

-New auto updater added to the main menu.

-Player also changes skin randomly when they join a server.

-When a player dies, the screen now turns grey for them and there will blood where they were to indicate someone died in that spot. The server now also announces when a player dies and, depending on game mode, it will announce the amount of players left(both in chat).

-Added emojis to chat

-Added new /w and /whisper chat commands for sending a private message to a player in game.

-Removed upload limits for throttling the upload

-Players now drop the items they were carrying when they die.

-Flashlight's light slightly changed


-The game's zip file size is now smaller.

-Messages are better encrypted and encryption/decryption should be 10% faster aswell.

-Many server functions are no longer anonymous, being now properly cached and optimized. This should nearly double their performance.

-Several micro optimizations for the client.

-Amount of messages sent between client and server has been reduced, saving up data and server processing.

-Client now offloads map extraction to a temporary secondary thread, avoiding lagging the game.


-Fixed minor collision problems on default map.

-Fixed some problems with the bots A.I.

-Fixed Portals on the default map not respawning on match reset.

-Fixed instances where if the player reached exactly 0 HP, they would get knockout status, not allowing the HP to be recovered and making them an eternal ghost.

-Fixed bug where trying to damage an enemy behind a broken wall block would make the client freeze.

-Fixed visual bug where using teleports would "reset" MP and HP bars.

-Fixed bug where sometimes a player would be desynchronized to other people.

-Fixed small typo in visual interface for the server script.

-Fixed issues with downloading custom maps.

-Fixed issue where you would drop the chest if pressed the drop key while chat is open.

-Fixed server allowing a player to be teleport to a NaN position, which would result in a blackscreen

-Fixed issues with sending gold to the player that got a kill in certain occasions

-Fixed issues related to players not showing up, or names randomly showing up even without a player being there. Hopefully a definitive fix for this issue.

-Fixed issue where sometimes the player would be teleport back to previous position and then once more to the actual expected position.

-Fixed custom maps overriding the original animations

-Fixed bug that would cause erased events to continue updating their sound emittance, causing frame drops


RPG Battle Royal.exe 98 MB
Oct 01, 2021
server - pure scripts.zip 46 kB
Sep 30, 2021
server - Windows interface.zip 127 MB
Sep 30, 2021
RPG Battle Royal - Linux.zip 174 MB
Oct 01, 2021

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