Update 0.7 Beta

After months of work(and a bit of laziness) RPG BR 0.7 Beta is finally out! This is probably the biggest update up until now, changing several parts of the game and bringing lots of improvements!


-You can now offload the map upload process(server -> client) to a file server(http or https). The link must be a direct file download.
-Initial Gold option added.
-Faster Custom Map loading: The client now extract the .zip file asynchronously and moves more files at once. This should speed up loading time(after the download).
-You can now use common events in your custom map.
-New Cancel button inside loading.
-The client will now request focus once it finishes loading the map.
-New building "crystal" that restores player's HP and MP over time upon contact.
-Moved the "change name" menu to inside the options menu.
-Updated NW.js to v0.44.1
-Enemy bots have been added.
-New Default map(4x bigger).
-HUD now moves according to the window size.
-Favorites now work the same way as server list does(only showing online servers, displaying the current amount of players online, its player limit and your ping).
-Creating servers is now much easier.
-Server: Small performance improvement for "broadcast" function
-RSA Encryption for connections.
-Better synchronization of players' position.
-Networking and Encryption on the client is now handled in a separate thread.
-Server: The script should consume less memory when you upload the map file using it.
-Server: New map upload throttle option
-New controls: You now aim with the mouse and move with WASD by default.
-New "ban <id>" command.
-Servers now can have a password.
-new "/closeserver <password>" and "/openserver" commands.


-Fixed: The client won't keep audio and image files downloaded anymore. This should solve the game's increase in disk usage over time.
-Fixed: The client won't pause the loading when its minimized anymore.
-Fixed: If the chat is opened and you press ESC, it will no longer open the menu.
-Fixed: Pressing ESC to close the chat won't force you to press Y twice to open it again.
-Fixed: Names displayed above players won't disappear/take time to update randomly anymore.
-Fixed: Kick command now works properly.


RPG Battle Royal - Linux.zip 196 MB
Feb 16, 2020
RPG Battle Royal - Windows.zip 150 MB
Feb 16, 2020

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