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A 2D, RPG-like, Sandbox game · By peq42


Recent updates

No more updates
Well, it's a little sad to say but, RPGmod won't be getting any more updates. The game has been discontinued because I've lost the files, and the amount of work...
Update 1.1.1
Yes you didn't read wrong, update 1.2.0 got renamed to 1.1.1, but worry not! Despite sounding less important, this update brings the things promised for...
4 files
Progress on 1.2.0 update
Hello everyone! As those of you who recently got the game noticed, its last update(1.1.0) was.. a little raw. I was excited to release something after a long wh...
1.1.0 Update is out!
Its finally here! Sorry it took a while to publish a new update since the last one, but college and other personal things have gotten in the way(I'm working on...
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1.1.0 Development log
Heres a small update on... well, the state of the next update! So far, I've gotten only a handful of things changed/introduced. Besides a fix to a memory leak i...
How to host a server and Make a custom Map
This is going to be a simple tutorial on how to make a custom map, host a server and have it appear to everyone else on RPG Battle royal. Making a custom map: -...
2 files
1.0.0 Update!
Finally, a new update! And a big one at that! With this HUGE update, the game finally is outside of beta. This means, its far more stable, and contains far more...
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minor changes
I've made some minor updates(haven't named then as beta 0.7.1 since they were more of a minor hotfix to a few problems shipped on the 0.7 beta update). Changes...
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