New minigame, upgrades, on-screen controls and more!

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A new update for Humanity Clicker is available! Come check the changes:

-Micro-optimizations for the main screen.

-Optimized physics calculations in Infidel Converter(mostly for phones).

-Golden cthulhu/coin/cursor now play an audio when they spawn.

-All numbers are doubles now! That means you can have up to 1.7 × 10^308 followers before reality itself breaks apart! :D

-Added discord rich presence!

-Added new minigame: Escape Azathoth!

-Added new expansion: Multiverse!

-Added new upgrades! Like, MANY

-Added on-screen controls on certain minigames on mobile.

-New Secret Super Booster! The first 99 people who buy this (10$) reward through will receive a re-usable code that can be activated in game once per save that triples production! On top of that, those who buy will have their name/website added to a "Thank you" list in game in a future update. This is a way to give a little reward those who help the development of the game ^^

-Fixed flappythulhu not giving increased followers if you buy minigames upgrades

-Fixed temp buffs being nonclickable

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