Second Small Update!

Here it is! The second small update, to appease your mortal desires.

With this update came multiple small tweaks, bug fixes and overall quality of life changes! Check it out:


-Added new Quantumverse(Expansion)

-Added many new upgrades

-Scrollbar within "Expand" and "Upgrades" were made larger, for easy of use on mobile

-Each expansion now properly updates their production value when you buy upgrades for it or ascend

-Prices updated to be more consistent(namely, increases in price per buy)

-New Mouse Click Booster that may spawn at random(10x click value for a few seconds)

-New Money Booster that may spawn at random(gives you +50% of your money)


-Fixed new saves having all expansions available for free

-Fixed universe upgrades not being properly saved between sessions

-Fixed booster button not showing up the first time the game loads

-Fixed first ascension missing background music

Enjoy the update, little ones! And keep an eye out for the next one: expect it to include new minigames and content, other than the usual additions to upgrades/expansions.

side note: you might need to reset your save to play this new update. A few things break in the game if you play it without a fresh new save.


HumanityClicker - Windows 330 MB
May 28, 2022
HumanityClicker - Linux
May 28, 2022
HumanityClicker - Android 86 MB
May 28, 2022

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