First ascension and Azathoth fight!

Salutations, mortals! Your time to ascend into divine territory has arrived! With this new update, players now are allowed to ascend up to two times, increasing their power, and giving them, upon defeating Azathoth's avatar, the opportunity to conquer yet another reality!

Enjoy the new update!


-New upgrades

-Overall Micro Optimization

-First and Second Ascensions available!(Boss battle happens before the second)

-Costs adjusted

-Major boost in performance on android

-Fixed Infidel Converter not resetting properly after kil- I mean, clearing all infidels

-Fixed cost displayed on certain items not being the same as the cost programmed


HumanityClicker - Windows 335 MB
May 22, 2022
HumanityClicker - Linux 237 MB
May 22, 2022
HumanityClicker - Android 86 MB
May 22, 2022

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